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Mar 03 2017

Current Projects — March 3, 2017

First Draft

I have three new pieces of flash fiction completed and will be editing them (and my previous pieces) over the next little while. On Monday I inted to start working on some music!

Second Draft

“Snow White and Rose Red” continues apace, and I have begun editing my flash fiction.

Final Draft

Nothing quite ready for you yet, but hopefully I will have an announcement very soon!

Feb 24 2017

Current Projects — February 24, 2017

First Draft

I finished the flash fiction from last week and I just started another one. Yay!

Second Draft

“Snow White and Rose Red” is beginning to pick up speed. The stage I’m at is difficult, but so far definitely worth it. I’m not sure how long this process will take; it’s quite involved. But I’m confident that the final result will be something you will enjoy reading, assuming you like fantasy!

Final Draft

Nothing quite ready for you yet, but hopefully I will have an announcement very soon!

Feb 17 2017

Current Projects — February 17, 2017

First Draft

I have begun to make headway with the space dragon story, and I have one flash fiction story to complete first draft on (should be finished by the end of the weekend.

Second Draft

“Snow White and Rose Red” is beginning to pick up speed. The stage I’m at is difficult, but so far definitely worth it. I’m not sure how long this process will take; it’s quite involved. But I’m confident that the final result will be something you will enjoy reading, assuming you like fantasy!

Final Draft

Nothing quite ready for you yet, but hopefully I will have an announcement by the end of the month!

Feb 10 2017

Current Projects — February 10, 2017

First Draft

Alas, not much progress on anything as of yet. Tomorrow is my writing meet though, so I am hoping to get lots of words written!

Second Draft

“Snow White and Rose Red” is still in progress. This revision is difficult!

Final Draft

As always, stay tuned for news of something fun!

Feb 03 2017

Current Projects — February 3, 2017

First Draft

I’m still working on that story about the little girl and the space dragon. I got the first part finished but the second part is harder to figure out where to go with it.

I’m writing more flash fiction as well. It’s a lot of fun to see how short a story can be and still be a story!

Second Draft

I’m still revising my retelling of “Snow White and Rose Red.” I have no idea how long it will take, but hopefully not the entire year!

Final Draft

I should have something ready for you soon — stay tuned for news!

Jan 06 2017

Current Projects — Update for January 6, 2017

First Draft

I’m working on six pieces of flash fiction right now. There are a few different themes going on here, and some really interesting characters. I’m hoping to get them finished in the next week.

I’m also working on the second story in a set of children’s stories about a space dragon and the little girl it befriends. I’m hoping to have it finished by the end of the month (sooner if things go well).


I’m revising my retelling of “Snow White & Rose Red” right now. It’s slow going, but I’m confident that when I’m finished the story will be much stronger and more interesting.

Final Draft

I have one short piece that is nearly finished. I haven’t decided what to do with it yet because it’s not really a short story, but when I do I’ll let you know!

May 23 2016

May 2016 :: Personal Projects

I’m still working on How to be GLAD (my dystopian Pollyanna); finding time to write when you have a toddler is difficult! Hopefully I will finish that up soon so that I can get back to Tumbling, as I want to get this next rewrite finished as soon as possible.

I’m also currently working on an edit of my “musicians’ mob” short story, which is the first in a series that I think people will quite enjoy. It’s farcical and should be quite funny even if you aren’t a musician!

I have begun to get some of my music up on a site for sale. You can find the first piece here. I’ll also be updating my Music Page (linked in the sidebar) with links to the pieces I have for sale, and I intend to continue placing church music for free download on this page as well.

I’ll be doing an editing workshop in Saskatoon on June 4. If you’re interested in attending, please register using this Google Form.

Nov 30 2015

November 2015 :: Personal Projects

November has been full of trying to make my 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo, as usual. This year my novel was an update of Pollyanna, with a dystopian twist. I hadn’t actually read the original before, so this has been a really fun project to work on! The month isn’t finished yet, so I’m still writing; whether or not I make the 50k, the story won’t be finished yet as it looks like it will need to be around 80,000 words in the end.

Tomorrow, December 1, I’ll be switching gears briefly. I began working on a very special short story a couple of months ago, and as it’s to be a Christmas present I need to get it finished and see about illustrations and printing!

Once that’s squared away I’ll get back to Pollyanna (which I have tentatively titled How to Be GLAD) and try to just focus on that for the rest of December. January 1 will hopefully see a new plan and lots of writing every day!

How are your personal writing projects going? What’s your pet project right now?

Sep 06 2013

Back to the Daily Grind


I had a couple of weeks off right at the end of August, and now things are beginning to start up again. If you have a project you would like me to work on, please fill in the contact form on the main site. Quote SEP13 to get 10% off my regular rates.


The anthology (A Method to the Madness; see sidebar for ordering info) came out in June. Please buy it and read it! I’m working on some promotional materials to add to the page for Dr Revenge (my alter-ego for this anthology), and they will be added to that page here on this blog (linked in sidebar) as they are completed.

I’ve been writing music and entered a hymn competition. Mine didn’t win, but that means I can now offer a midi recording and the sheet music for all and sundry to enjoy. That is on my Music page (also linked in the sidebar).

I’ve also finished a few pieces that aren’t being submitted anywhere just yet, and I have an essay being considered for inclusion in an anthology about disability.

In Progress (First Draft)

  • 4 short stories
  • 4 pieces of music
  • 1 presentation
  • 2 essays
  • 2 novels

In Progress (Editing)

  • 6 short stories
  • 1 novel
  • 1 graphic novel script

I’m hoping to enter two music composition contests in the next couple of months, submit an essay for a disability forum, and submit a short story for an anthology. I also have National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo – to prepare for: there are events to plan and prepare for, not to mention the importance of making sure I know what I’m writing!


I injured my left foot earlier this year and have been in physiotherapy for it since June. I am currently allowed to walk for 20 minutes every other day and 15 minutes the rest of the days. I have exercises I have to do every day, as well. I’m hopeful that I may eventually be allowed to run again, maybe in the spring as soon it will be too cold outside for that.

Finally, I am hoping to return to school. There have been some snafus in that area, however, so I am waiting to give any details until it’s been sorted out and I know exactly what is going on. So stay tuned for more information!

Jul 31 2012

Personal Projects: What’s going on?

I’ve been pleased with my progress on my personal projects. Over the past two months, I have managed to complete drafts and even bring a few pieces to completion! Here’s the breakdown:

First Draft

Since my last post on this topic, I completed five first drafts. There is Regenesis, an essay about the ebb and flow of interests; Beast, a retelling of the story of Beauty & the Beast; Baptism, a picture book about baptism in the Anglican church; Disability or Difference?, an essay about whether we should call disabilities differences; and Möbius: Dora (series) – Book 1, the first book in a series of picture books about a little girl who has autism (this series fits in with my Young Adult novels and takes place in the same universe).

I’m still working on CAVIES: The Musical, but I’ve finished the songs I originally planned, so now I need to go back over the story and probably rearrange some of the songs and write a couple more. Then I can start working on the music itself. I’m also working on a short story about the green man, for this anthology, and trying to finish up the first draft of a short children’s fantasy called Ballk. Also up for August are a picture book about Lent; a book-length fantasy-type story that I have to plan a bit more; and a short piece of creative non-fiction titled Expo that is styled as an online encyclopaedia of terms one may encounter at a fan convention.

I’m also working on collecting character information for my Möbius series. Things were getting very complicated, and I was starting to get confused about some of the characters. Once I’ve collected the information, I’ll get it organized and then I can look up specific characters when I need to put them into a story.

Second Draft

I’ll be editing three pieces in August: Consideration, a short story about a girl dealing with the aftereffects of abuse; We’ll Write You an Opera You Can’t Refuse, a short story about the musicians’ mob in Halifax and a set of contraband timpani; and This Ability vol. 1, a graphic novel about a group of teens who have various disabilities and super-powers.

Third Draft

I won’t be working on the third draft of anything in August, but I did finish the third draft of I Still Think of You yesterday.

Final Draft

I did manage to finish and submit Education & Qualifications to the anthology on time, so it is just a matter of being patient. The reading period is up at the end of August, so I suppose I could hear sometime in September. I also finished the final draft of Crumbs to a Dog in June, so that is ready if I ever find a market for Bible story retellings. 😉

In August, I’ll be working on the final draft of I Still Think of You.

In the Wings

Assuming all goes well with those first drafts I’ve listed above, I have a few other projects to cycle in as needed:

  1. Kyle the Camel – A picture book that is similar in concept to the song Alice the Camel.
  2. Eucharist: An Anglican Picture Book – Another book in the Advent series.
  3. Karl the Dragon – This will be in verse, I think, and tell the story of a dragon who… well, we’ll see where it goes.
  4. Christmas: An Anglican Picture Book – Yet another book in the Advent series.

The nice thing about these plans is that only some of my personal projects have set-in-stone deadlines. I still try to meet all of my self-imposed deadlines, of course, but since only one of my current projects is for an anthology, everything else is flexible, and I can focus on that if I start to run out of time. I’m finding that I really enjoy writing for anthologies, but I don’t think I could handle more than one at a time. But once this one is finished and sent off, I’ll probably start looking for another one. They get me out of my comfort zone and give me a chance to try my hand at telling different stories from what I usually write.

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