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Jun 05 2012

Business: June 2012

I can’t believe it’s June already! The year seems to be flying by.

I am pleased to report that I did finish my story for the anthology and submit it on time. Now I have to wait until sometime post-August to find out if I made it in!

Projects are continuing to come through my inbox, many with tight deadlines. I am working hard to get things done for my clients, and continue to pride myself in a good finished product!

If you have a project that you would like to hire me to work on, please fill out the form on the main web site. Quote JUN2012 in your message, and I will give you a 10% discount on my quote!

Apr 02 2011

Business: Deadlines!

My apologies for discussing the new posting schedule in my last post and then neglecting to follow through on it. My excuse is that I had several tight deadlines for one of my clients, and that made blogging really more of an afterthought than a priority. This month will hopefully go much better!

Deadlines are tricky things. This particular client sends me work very regularly; we have a contract for editing reports. When I am sent a report, I am given a deadline by which the report needs to be returned. This is typically not a problem, except when I have other work to do, several reports to edit all at once, or when there are other difficulties with editing the reports. In this case, I had, at one point, six reports to edit in a span of five days (I prefer to spread one report over three or four days), and one of those reports was done completely wrong – it took me 17 hours to edit, and there is information missing. (For reference’s sake, it usually takes me about four or five hours to edit a report that’s done properly.)

Something every project requires is a deadline; the trick is to make sure that the deadline is achievable, and that it is a known factor. Any time I am given a project, I will request a deadline; if the client isn’t sure of what a good timeline is for the project, I will suggest one that makes sense to me, and work with the client to make it work for both of us.

Thanks for reading this update. If you choose to hire me for a project, please quote discount code APR2011 and I will give you a 10% discount on my services.

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