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May 23 2016

May 2016 :: Personal Projects

I’m still working on How to be GLAD (my dystopian Pollyanna); finding time to write when you have a toddler is difficult! Hopefully I will finish that up soon so that I can get back to Tumbling, as I want to get this next rewrite finished as soon as possible.

I’m also currently working on an edit of my “musicians’ mob” short story, which is the first in a series that I think people will quite enjoy. It’s farcical and should be quite funny even if you aren’t a musician!

I have begun to get some of my music up on a site for sale. You can find the first piece here. I’ll also be updating my Music Page (linked in the sidebar) with links to the pieces I have for sale, and I intend to continue placing church music for free download on this page as well.

I’ll be doing an editing workshop in Saskatoon on June 4. If you’re interested in attending, please register using this Google Form.

Jul 11 2009

Musicality. [Draft 1]

The sound of the syllables
as they fall onto the page,
the phrases turning perfectly
in beautiful rage.

Writing words as music,
music as words.

Thoughts sound in my head
and drop from my fingers,
the words creating
a mood that lingers.

Writing words as music,
music as words.

Creating something from nothing
and putting it out there,
hoping that others
will truly care.

Writing words as music,
music as words.

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