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Artful Words takes a personal approach to your writing-related projects. As soon as a project is accepted, Janna Willard, sole owner and operator, will work with you to achieve the best results - whether you are contracting for a professional project or a personal one. Her goal is your satisfaction!

Whether she is writing copy, editing a report, or designing a wedding leaflet, Janna's search for perfection leads to artful, accurate copy every time.

Five Advantages of Artful Words

  1. Artful Words bring you clients
    Accurate, engaging copy attracts potential clients and improves your image as a professional, company, or organization.
  2. Artful Words bring you funding
    A well-written, well-organized quality assurance report or Annual Report gives funders, investors, and shareholders confidence in your ability to do your job well.
  3. Artful Words bring you prestige
    Clear, well-designed presentations, reports, manuals, and web sites increase your visibility and influence within your field. People return to things they understand.
  4. Artful Words save you time
    Rather than giving up precious hours writing a speech, presentation, or article, why not give a simple ten-minute interview and have someone else write the piece?
  5. Artful Words save you money
    When it's right the first time, there are no costly corrections to be made. Outsourcing saves the expense of paying full-time or part-time wages and benefits.

Sounds good, doesn't it? Check out the Services section of the site to see if Artful Words is right for your project!

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