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The Creative Process

The first step in any project is settling the details. This may be done via e-mail or an in-person meeting with Janna. She will take notes and make sure she knows exactly what you are looking for.

Once the project is accepted, you will receive the URL and login information for Janna's file uploader. This will enable you to send her large amounts of data in one go. It will also make it easier to send her large files, such as uncompressed images, since many e-mail services have limits on how large a file can be.

Janna will use your source material to do any research necessary for the project. If necessary, she will conduct interviews with you or your staff. If the project is strictly editing, this step will be omitted.

Once Janna has all of the necessary information and files for the project, she will get down to business! If the project involves writing, she will edit the piece several times before submitting it for your approval. If the project involves design elements (e.g., posters, invitations, brochures) she will create two or three different versions for you to choose from and make any changes to the one you like best. If the project is strictly editing, she will go over it in detail and make any necessary comments before returning it to you for your perusal.

Changes will be made as needed. Janna will always return projects to you on or before the deadline so that there is time to refine her work before you need it to be 100% ready for the public. Remember: her goal is your satisfaction!

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