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I offer a range of writing services to meet your needs. Prices for most projects run at $1/word, with a minimum cost depending on the type and size of project. Smaller projects (i.e., five pages or less) have a turn-around time of one week, depending on how much research is required. Larger projects will have turn-around times quoted based on the complexity and length of the project, as well as the amount of research required. The list below gives a basic run-down of the most common projects you might require, along with the per-word or per-page and minimum cost. If the type of project you have in mind is not included in this list, contact me and give me the details.

  1. Reports, business plans, and manuals (e.g., technical documentation)
    $1/word, minimum fee of $500
  2. Articles (ghost writing)
    $3/word, minimum fee of $1,000
  3. Books (ghost writing)
    $10,000 - $50,000 flat fee, depending on the project
  4. Web copy
    $1/word, minimum fee of $100
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